Photographer Brings Movies to Life With Lego and Baking Powder

It all started in 2009 as an effort to document his children’s toys. From larger action figures and models, it grew to Lego sets with mini dioramas. When he posted his photos on Flickr, Lehtimäki says they got a “wonderful” response, and it quickly turned into a full-on artistic project. Lehtimäki has also used Indiana Jones and Lord […]

Nokia Lumia 1020 says “Good-bye” to DSLRs

I’m sure we all know the on-going war between pocket sized cameras and smartphones. What about starting a ware between smartphones with DSLRs. It seems that Nokia just started this war with this provoking Nokia Lumia 1020 ad.       Check here for more:  

The Slowest High-Speed Images Of Bursting Cars Ever Captured

Fabian Oefner amazes us with his incredibly detailed high speed phots of tiny cars exploding   ”The whole disassembly in itself took more than a day for each car due to the complexity of the models. But… there’s an enjoyment in analysing things, discovering something by taking it apart, like peeling an onion.”     You […]

Google Glass to have 5MP camera 720p Video

While the revolutionary Google Glass is being packed info about the tech specs are floating around the internet     The Google Glass website  has more examples and tech specs   Google Glass Quick Specs pair with any Bluetooth capable phone (official MyGlass App is available only on Android 4.0.3 or better) 5MP photos 720p video Wifi – 802.11b/g […]