“Flatland” Warped Cityscapes by Aydin Büyüktas

Aydın Büyüktaş created these mind bending cityscapes of turkey. He used a drone to capture multiple images, then stitched them digitally. Follow him on his Instagram for more

astronaut suicide

Astronaut Suicide – Photo Series by Neil DaCosta

  The collaboration of Neil Dacosta and art director  Sara Phillips, resulted in this remarkable photo-series “Astronaut Suicides”. It just makes you think about things.   you can check more of his work at his website: Neil Dacosta

More info: ayakovlev.com | Facebook | Instagram | 500px

Expressive Dancers by Alexander Yakovlev

Still images yet so much in motion, Alexander Yakovlev, in his photo series “The Mirages”, captures the incredible body movement of professional dancers. So dynamic, so wonderful, so human.   Check him out on:  ayakovlev.com | Facebook | Instagram | 500px

Vitor Schietti

Light Waterfalls by Vitor Schietti

The original name of Vitor Schietti’s project is Impermanent Sculptures which maybe reminds us those nice long exposure water photos. Vitor  uses light painting techniques, ND filters, fireworks and some post-editing in order to bring around 12 shots together to create the final picture. What is interesting about the execution is actually the time limit. He can only […]

strong women pirelli 2016 annie leibovitz

Pirelli 2016 Calendar Is Different

Pirelli took a different approach in their new 2016 calendar. In contrast to their habits so far, Annie Leibovitz chose to include a completely different type of women,  women that have achieved something. This new set of business-women, thinkers and other inspirational characters make the Pirelli 2016 calendar look so different yet so amazing. Enjoy! […]

francesco torquatti gritti fosgrafi

Faroe Islands by Francesco Torquati Gritti

Francesco Torquati Gritti is a Photographer Based in Lake Como, Italy. His photos from his recent visit to the majestic Faroe Islands will definitely make you travel to a world rarely seen. The decision was made while choosing a destination to spend the summer holidays with some friends. Among the choices of Thailand, India and Iceland, Faroe Islands seemed […]