squirrel whisperer

Konsta Punkka is the Squirrel Whisperer

Konsta Punkka is an aspiring 21 yo Finnish photographer who recently got something close to 800K followers on Instagram thanks to his magical photos. I guess the time he spent developing a strong relationship with wildlife animals can easily support the title of “Squirrel Whisperer” He goes far to create close up photos of forest […]

Benjamin Henon

Outstanding Creative Still-Life by Benjamin Henon

Benjamin Henon is a Paris based photographer specialising in luxury goods photography with a flavour of elegance. His photos will speak themselves. nJoy!   Check more on Benjamin Henon’s Website

michele durazzi surreal cityscapes

Dazzling Surreal Cityscapes by Michele Durazzi

Michele Durazzi is a Florence based artist  and her astonishing surreal cityscapes project, ‘storytelling through the architectural detail’. Something made of dreamy surrealistic materials, impressing us with the combination of familiar and non familiar sceneries in this digital artwork project.  

Kim Leuenberger

Kim Explores the Big World with Tiny Cars

Kim Leuenberger loves to travel, but in a different way, in tiny cars. The results are astonishing. Just check them out!   Make sure you follow Kim on Instagram