Anna Sychowicz

Man in Harmony with Nature by Anna Sychowicz

Anna Sychowicz created her own fairy tale world where man lives in harmony with nature and animals.  Always fascinated by fantasy literature, otherwise I think that the world around us is grim and cruel in many ways – I like to create my own alternative reality in which man lives in unadulterated harmony with nature.  […]

laurent rosset fosgrafi

Mind Bending Photo Manipulations by Laurent Rosset

His background in architecture and his skills in digital art are the tools of the trade of Laurent Rosset. He creates these mind bending landscapes by using his own photography and photo manipulations techniques.   Check more on Instagram

reube wu fosgrafi

Drone Lit Landscapes are so Brilliant

Reuben Wu decided to make a different use of his drone, in his project “Lux Noctis”, by attaching an LED light on it and illuminating landscapes in total darkness. The results are dramatic almost out of the world photographs that show our earth from a different perspective. I believe his statement on  PetaPixel can’t describe the whole project […]

Vincent Munier Fosgrafi

Arctique: Beautiful Arctic by Vincent Munier

Vincent Munier in support to his new book “Arctique” released this stunning video showing some breathtaking imagery from the Arctic. Travel with him into the wild, deserted almost alien world of the Arctic. nJoy.   for more from Vincent Munier: and for the book Arctique:

Felix Hernandez Rodriguez

Small World of Toys by Felix Hernandez Rodriguez

How many of us are still playing with toys? Felix Hernandez Rodriguez still does it and he shows us the magic of the small toy worlds he creates. By using ordinary materials found in the kitchen or your pocket he makes the elements of his worlds. Everything comes together in Photoshop after using a macro lens […]

twinset on fosgrafi

Creative Sets by Twinset Studio

Twinset Studio is a Berlin based creative studio by Eva Jauss and Michael Breyer. These photos will definitely make you think a bit more. If not, I suggest you really put some more thinking into it 😉   You can visit Twinset Studio for more.