jannik obenhoff

Magic Scenery by Jannik Obenhoff

Jannik Obenhoff is a Munich based wanderer with a camera. What he does is definitely inspiring. The scenery he captures is magical. Enjoy these amazing photos and make sure you follow him on instagram: Jannik Obenhoff for more inspiration.

Giorgi Toronjadze Fosgrafi

Elderly Couple Married After 55 Years Together

Giorgi Toronjadze is a wedding  photographer from Georgia who shot his wife’s grandparents’ church ceremony after their 55 years together. The ceremony was help nearby their house where they spend all these years together.

Andy Lee

Roads Less Travelled by Andy Lee

Andy Lee, being a Creative Director, film maker, obsessive photographer and many more captured these mysterious yet inspiring photographs of roads not so much travelled. Do you recognise any of them?   I’ve been taking pictures most of my life, but started it a little more obsessively about ten years ago when I was filming a documentary […]

blue ice antarctica

Take a Closer Look at Antarctica’s Blue Ice by Julieanne Kost

Captivating gradients of Antarctica by photographer Julieanne Kost Check more on Instagram and Facebook