afterglow led suit


Well, Sweetgrass Productions surprised us againg with the Afterglow. Ok no more talking, justa watch and enjoy!     and if you want more, watch the Full Afterglow Film vvia: nofilmschool

stillness of life by roman jehanno

Stillness of Life by Roman Jehanno

As Roman says on ThePhoblographer : “I wanted to picture these fictional characters exactly at the moment where they disappear,” Roman explains. “In their mind they are thinking about their past life, and how was the world before.” Images by Roman Jehanno as seem on ThePhoblographer    

layer lapse

Have You Ever Seen a Layer Lapse ?

Julian Tryba created this Layer Lapse by combining different editin tricks into a time-lapse. The result is astonishing! Check his work on his Vimeo profile