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  • Rhys

    Wonderful work. Magical

  • aphrodi

    woow ,.so lovely .

  • hanne

    poor animals

    • wankelgnome

      ikr what if the animals were drugged or something

    • calypsomoon

      they were trained….they dont have to be drugged to have a good demeanor. And nothing bad was happening to them. they were being held.

      • amitranjantt

        How does one train a porcupine or a viper ?

        • phazerave

          That was not a viper, it was a red tailed boa, I have one, and they are extremely docile. Also there is a way to train just about anything if you work hard at it.

  • bakeca Como

    amazing pictures

  • Saloni Brit

    Awesome. This is unbelievable .

  • simou

    wooow nice picutre great

  • Pushpraj


  • Simon

    Mmm… Definitely not my style. Can’t even understand what’s the point in taking photos like that. Showing off technique? There sure are technical skills. But to me, art and creativity are something different.


      something different right? well have you seen something similar to this?

    • Jo

      Simon you suck

  • Joely

    Exceptionally beautiful work. I sometimes wonder why people choose to pick art apart…Seriously Simon, what is art without creativity? Pure boredom.

    Gorgeous “gingers” and freckles! There is nothing quite as spell binding as beautiful things put together in unexpected ways. Art my dear Simon is in the eye of the beholder…

  • Aydan

    The last one isn’t an animal: It’s a druid in travel form.

    Beautiful pics. 🙂

    • Andrew Ans

      haha! yeah in some way 😛

  • backlinks

    Im grateful for the post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

  • Javier

    Animals wont attack ginger people…..cause they dont have a sould…..that´s the trick

  • Minase

    Молодец Катька! Великолепные фото.

    • Andrew Ans

      Da ona otlichnaya! 🙂

  • Reid

    I disagree with Simon–the art and beauty of these photos are in how the animals are captured in that moment. For even just a second, a lonely fox or bear can feel loved, appreciated. I don’t know anyone who could ever get this intimate with an animal that could easily tear your limbs off without a second thought. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess.

    • Andrew Ans

      Well said!

  • Hintergrundbilder

    Good photos, very creative

  • Oupatjie

    Stunning!! Patience and courage, though.

  • http://stumbleupon Cash

    I agree with Reid, Absolutely Stunning Animals

  • Dana

    Gorgeous pictures and almost fairy tale like. What was most beautiful was how vulnerable and need for love, were captured in the photos.

  • Anna

    Animals are not ours to play with.

  • Thelma

    Extraordinaire !!!!!!

  • Plitkurs

    with elephant good photo

  • colin

    looks to good to be true ..maybe some good work in Photoshop but do like the tune and the lighting well done

  • Derek

    I am one of the biggest animal lovers on the planet but I seen no harm done to them. Presumably they are all tamed and the poses may have lasted no more than a few seconds. It would take some courage from the models, I suspect. The compositions/colour and concepts are great – the first woman with the snake in her hair is my favourite.

  • Salena Brit

    amazing moments. creative photos

  • rabi

    enjoyable for Animal Lovers

  • bp

    I did enjoy looking at these. I felt an immediate sense of sexualizing the animals with the women. It made me uncomfortable – perhaps that was the idea? showing animals in control over humans – role reversal? Any emotional response means that the art is good (IMO).

  • nestani

    I think that so lovely photos,nature save us and th
    ey -us..

  • vasanth

    color settings and lightning works levels are done in Photoshop but photography is really stunning

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    birds and animal photography

  • Multimedia

    Very cute, cute animals

  • Bakeca Incontri Roma

    Absolutely stunning!

  • Interesting News

    amazing, adorable, stupendous, great, creative, eye-catching and just superbb… keep sharing such content

  • Louis

    “Yeah……well…….sometimes you eat the bar……and sometimes the bar eats you”. – The Stranger from The Big

  • Dontrythis

    Maybe she tell us what the fox says.

    • Andrew Ans

      i’m sure she knows and keeps it secret 😛

  • Sean Woods (@TheGuitarist4_4)

    hanne how can you say “poor animals” They were rescued as babies because you can not train an adult animal to act that friendly. They are obviously well fed and cared for and if I were an animal these women could cuddle with me anytime!

    • Sean Mathew

      Hahahaha well said Sean

  • tagudiax

    This makes me wonder how the animals were trained, or if they were sedated just for a photo shoot. Beautiful set, but so much beauty is lost in the wondering

  • chandran

    Wow its beautiful., Creative photos with those animals.,

  • Donne Milano

    wonderful article

  • Samson

    That is the fattest raccoon I’ve ever seen.

  • nakshaat

    wooow nice picutre great

  • Donny John

    Simon is extremely and very obviously envious of this photographer’s talent. While I have no doubt the composition is real, the photos are most definitely photoshopped. Wonderful post work.

  • Rajan Thaker

    cool pics 🙂

  • anna maria

    very brave and noble girl, very pretty pictures

  • http://Don'thaveone. Tao

    Hey none of these lovely critters look either drugged or tame. That Tiger looks like she could bite the head clean off the young girl. I love the pics and believe they are only possible because the people involved have shown kindness and respect. Most animals will not do anything to humans unless we do something unpleasant to them. Great Pics love it. Tao.

  • Mario

    Cute snaps. All are so kind with the animals. I must say models and photographs are doing a great job. This will make people inspire and make animals their part of life.

  • proimageexpert

    Truly Amazing. Great Photography

  • BeastWaffle

    Wow these are so beautiful where were they taken?

  • hogin

    beautiful women beautiful animals, composition, light and a touch of eroticism

  • sidney orr

    Much said is true: the photos are striking and effective on their own terms: as art …but….the animals are dangerous, and their unusual behaviour is striking; all the lovely girls do add a hint of eroticism;
    ….yes, because of the nature of these animals, there will always be the suspicion of some drug, or trick…if I was looking to commission a pro, I would consider this photographer…although my own bro is one of the best photographers in the world, despite having earned a living as a film producer…(mso88 at flickr)

  • Priyanka

    Awesome Grate…

  • Ankita Wadhwa

    Simply wow collection of pics

  • Janu Patel

    Wow grt collection

  • Empire


  • henri

    Beautiful set

  • Eric Denver

    Beautiful Photographs

  • Sohel

    super work………

  • Webllena (@Webllena)

    Amazing photos!Thank you!

  • syedasadsheerazsyedasadsheeraz

    fantastic pictures

  • pradeep saini

    Wow so lovely … She is a daring girl

  • babytorpedoMarco

    Really awesome imagery.

  • Elena ( )

    Really cool!

  • http://missbossyboots Raymond

    Very beautiful pictures especially the one with the girl laying on the tigers back, who every took the pictures certainly knew his/her stuff.

  • jhon


  • Amit KUmar ChaturvediAmit

    beautiful pics

  • Courtney
  • luvbus12

    Hi, awesome post with good images..people can easy find out the locations their holiday spot. Keep sharing like this posts

  • sandy

    wow ….amazing

  • desy kurniawati

    Love the bear

  • Baxtton

    Awesome photoshoot !

  • Kathi

    Wow! Beautiful pictures! Love the photo with the bear!

  • ikhwanreza

    wow,, its really amazing albums to see and collect amazing picture..

  • sbtoscar


  • lil brownee

    that is really weird

  • Sambora

    Just wrong…Read the April edition of Nat Geo magazine on keeping wild animals as pets. You may argue that these are not pets..who is to know? These animals are obviously tame and used to regular,intimate human contact…probably kept privately. This ultimately destroys their place in the world and perpetuates their trade. NEXT

  • reza levi


    that’s so good, very cool
    amazing picture

  • Tinku Bhardwaj

    unbelievable…it’s awesome 🙂


    Stunning pictures. I personally think the model with the owl is the bravest. To have her face so close to its…

  • David Hardwick Photography

    Wow, how do you get so close to the animals.

    • Andrew Ans

      These animals are trained by professionals.

  • Bollywood Glitz 24

    don’t have words .. Just Amazing

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  • jennyjbanks118

    Wawoo what a lovely photography

  • imran

    Very Nice work Good Job

  • alfred

    the animals look tame..full of loving human-spirit

  • Leo

    Amazing photos ,but I hope that no animals have been harmed or abused to make photos…

  • evrystry

    awesome photography

  • Negin

    It’s amazing



  • Sahibinden ilan ver

    Great shots. Thank you.

  • vincy

    Amazing piece of work

  • emilio

    red haired girls are the best :3

  • perlmusur

    nice pictures

  • bankim Sheth

    Can man love each other ?

    • http://8RueDocteurGrandjean,54000Nancy,Meurthe-et-Moselle,Lorraine,France Donna Cerca Uomo Milano

      depends … but pets usually love their owners unconditionally

  • Apeksha Khanna

    Wow These are so beautiful pics.

  • Sneha

    Outstanding Image Collecton For Real Animal With Men

  • dionesio platino


  • Chung cư Vp6 Linh Đàm

    it is amazing. i can’t believe this. the animal is good

  • sandy

    i like it thanks for sharing.

  • Jonna Stenhammar

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  • Klistremerker

    Hard to belive this pictures are real. If so, it’s amazing.

  • Zarnain Ali

    all are pics really impressive …. i am amazed to see these pics … really hard to belive that pics are real…. nice post … cant wait for next …

  • Ash

    she’s obviously a disney princess.

  • Agenda79

    Another aspect of the human-animals relationship! Great shooting up scenario!

  • john

    stunning photograph

  • Curt Reymar Kanitz


  • Linda Treadwell (@LindaTreadwell)


  • MmaSportsNutrition

    Some Good Art Of Work,. Love It

  • Nick Duguay

    Are they saying there wasn’t even touch up, lighting and colour in photoshop??

    • Andrew Ans

      hey Nick, it’s about not having those animals placed in the photos by using photoshop. I bet they’re touched up but not manipulated.

  • Sideshow Bob

    Picture 7 is just stunning…

  • Anna Khan

    wow all pictures are amazing

  • Mohsin Fancy

    Amazing Work by Katerina Plotnikova..
    Really Creative and I like the one with the girl laying on the tigers back,

  • futureplansnews

    waaoooooooo nice pic

  • lolo


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  • tiford


  • tina

    Wow these images are so beautiful and powerful. The girls are so gorgeous in their gowns in nature.

  • Affirmations

    Wonderful, breathtaking photos! Like a fairy tale..

  • C.L.Santos

    Pure awesomeness. I’ve always wondered myself what it would be like to get close to some of those animals. And the way the photos are captured… fantastic. Reading the comments I think it’s funny some of them think the animals were drugged. Seriously? lol… Owls FTW.

  • Turagk

    jast wowwwwwwww………… love it…..

  • Turagk

    please tell me what type photography it is?

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    Absolutely stunning work!

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  • mark

    wow.amazing photography. i love to see pics like this.

  • clippingcreative

    Do you wanna to work for those images? Looking they need to to retouch and make more attractive

  • adee donal

    Great Collection

  • james tyler dickinson

    These are hilarious.

  • komingsoon

    nice picture,, 🙂

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  • vanessa

    i love your image colection,,,

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  • poetry

    beautifulll 😀

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  • Games Online

    Can i save your picture….

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  • MC Entertainment


  • Kridha Residency

    Wow…! What a relationship between animals & human.

  • Salim Ahmed


  • Bhupendra

    beautiful and wonderful image collection,,,

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  • Photography tips

    Amazing .. is beautiful collection ..
    Thanks for sharing ^__^

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  • Tracey Mathis Jr.

    Truly amazing and BOLD shots!

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