Clarissa Bonet Photography

City Space by Clarissa Bonet

Clarissa, as we stole from read on her Bio, is a Chicago based artist.  Her work explores aspects of the urban space in both a physical and psychological context.  Bonet’s work has been exhibited nationally, internationally, and resides in the collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Art, The Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Southeast […]

Mark Broyer Photography

After Hours in Hamburg by Mark Broyer

That time of the day (or night?) when everything is so silent. But the lights are so noisy. You can see the colours screaming. You get consumed by each scene and drown into thoughts while preparing for the rising day. Colourful photo series by Mark Broyer showing Hamburg “after hours”. What do you think? For more check Mark […]

Mike Dempsey

Challenges of Gravity by Mike Dempsey

Think of a moment where in a blink of an eye gravity stops working. What are the challenges we would face? Seems like Mike Dempsey has and interesting opinion which is brilliantly injected in his surreal photos. People are challenged by a different type of gravity one that would make the curious ones to raise […]